Adriana Pinosanu
mobile phone0086 15102108286

       Adriana Pinosanu was born in Bucharest (Romania), in 1980, she moved to Italy and began to study Photography in Iconographic School of Byzantine , then she went to Art Academy of UDINE to studied Oil Painting , after that she went to Venice Art Academy to study Icon and Portrait painting from famous artists. In 1984, She created an professional photographic studio in Tar Visio (Italy) , and participated many shows all over the world, many of her works were collected by private collectors from Japan ,Germany, United States, Austria and Italy. 
      She moved to Shanghai in 2010,and studied traditional Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphy, she also participated in two art exhibitions in Shanghai.

    阿德利安娜.彼娜撒努,意大利人 ,出生于布加勒斯特(罗马尼亚),1980年就读于意大利的拜占庭肖像学校,并在乌迪内艺术研究院学习油画,之后又拜师于威尼斯艺术学院专修人体画和肖像画。1984年她在塔尔维西奥开办了自己的专业摄影工作室,她的摄影作品广受世界各地摄影爱好者喜爱,并参加了很多国际摄影展,被来自日本,德国,美国,奥地利,意大利的收藏爱好者收藏。她2010年来到中国,现居住在中国上海,研究传统中国绘画和中国书法,并受邀参加了两个上海的艺术展览。

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